Ms. Claudia Hernández

Process engineer at C-Capture, developers of carbon capture technology

Having worked in carbon capture technologies since 2019, Claudia has developed a keen interest in innovation and programmes related to sustainable development.

Claudia Hernández works at C-Capture as a process engineer where she is responsible for the XLR8 CCS project. This aims to demonstrate that C-Capture’s innovative amine-free solvent is compatible with “hard to abate” industries, which are major contributors to global carbon levels.

Claudia graduated from IQS’s MSc in Chemical Engineering, and completed her MSc thesis in CO2 Capture at Imperial College London, where she studied the impact exerted by amine degradation products on process performance. In addition, she worked at the Cetaqua Water Technology Centre on initiatives guiding the water cycle towards a circular economy.

Claudia has also volunteered with Engineers Without Borders, where she worked on the analysis of water quality in Tampico, Mexico, and helped in the representation of future climate change scenarios in the country.

Clàudia Hernández