Mr. Eduardo Dopazo

Senior Advisor to the World Bank

Expert in climate change and the use of market-based instruments to solve environmental problems, leader in negotiating commitments by countries to reduce the causes and effects of climate change. Negotiator at UN climate change conferences. Expert in the World Bank’s carbon markets unit, also a member of the group that promoted the use of market-based mechanisms among World Bank client countries as a way of committing those countries to reduce their emissions without limiting their economic development. Innovative spirit for the creation of incentives based on carbon markets to mitigate climate change.

From the World Bank, he led the effort to mobilise $2.5 trillion in resources from public and private sector companies and institutions for projects that mitigate climate change. As part of his responsibilities he managed the institution’s largest carbon funds and led its operations in many developing countries. In the early 2000s, he led the development of carbon market strategies for countries such as China, Vietnam, among others.

In Spain, from his position at the World Bank, he participated in the creation of the Spanish Carbon Fund and facilitated the participation of Spanish companies and institutions in climate change initiatives.

Currently, he continues to work on energy projects with a strong climate change component in Latin America and actively participates in the discussion of environmental and climate change issues in the state of Florida, where he resides.

Eduardo Dopazo is a graduate in industrial engineering with a postgraduate degree in energy from the University of Buenos Aires, awarded by international institutions for his achievements in climate change.

Eduardo Dopazo