Ms. Laura Moreno

Founder and Director of EarthPulse

Laura Moreno holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and has done her master thesis at La Sapienza, Rome.

She was working in European Space Agency (ESA) for some years, where she soon focussed on the impact of satellite data rather than in technological side.

She then started her journey seeking how to democratize this data into the market.

Back to Barcelona where she joined the private sector as a Space department Director where she created multiple applications government oriented.

She has also experience as a consultant for many institutions as WB, ESA, or FRONTEX, and at the same time she started approaching the start-up world by mentoring during +5 years +20 start-ups in different accelerations programs.

Then, in 2020, and after +15 years in the space market she founded EarthPulse, a start-up which offers indexes based on satellite to evaluate location risks mainly cause by climate impact.