Mr. Pablo Sabín


Forestry Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2000. Since 2018 CEO at Director de CESEFOR. Expert in forest management and forestry. Passionate about forest management, he is a promoter of the Spanish network of forest management close to nature. He has experience as a consultant in studies or projects related to forests covering different areas of knowledge, especially forests and climate change, timber market, afforestation programmes, and new business models for the forestry sector.

He has experience in participating in EU funding projects related to forest management such as the Simwood project (FP7, in which he was also a member of the project board for 3 years), Rosewood (H2020) and Enerbioscrub (LIFE) among others.

He has participated in publications such as: “Handbook for wood mobilisation in Europe. Measures to increase wood supply from sustainably managed forests”, Simwood. 2018; “Report on Spanish forests”, for the Spanish Society of Forestry; Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management”. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment; “Carbon sinks at local level”. Spanish Cities for Climate Network. Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. He has also published scientific articles and conferences.