Mr. Mike Cuingnet

CEO & Co-Founder of Tennders

Mike Cuingnet is the CEO of Tennders and an experienced professional in finance and business management. He realized his entrepreneurial vision by founding Tennders in 2021, quickly turning the startup into a dynamic team of over 40 people and achieving €7 million in turnover in its first year.

As an entrepreneur deeply committed to sustainability, Mike launched his first logistics startup in 2020. He led a multicultural team of nearly 50 professionals, demonstrating exceptional leadership. His career in logistics and transportation began in 2012 with C.H. Robinson, a leading multinational company in the logistics sector. During this period, Mike led the implementation of C.H. Robinson’s IT system and its migration from the U.S. to the European market, showcasing his expertise and adaptability.

Mike holds a degree in Finance from ISEG and in Business Sciences, Management and Business Administration from Dublin Business School. To strengthen his academic and leadership skills, he pursued a master’s degree in Business Management and Administration at EADA Business School, where he was recognized for creating the best marketing plan in the program.

Throughout his career, Mike Cuingnet has consistently demonstrated his ability to innovate, lead, and drive sustainable growth, positioning the company Tennders at the forefront of the logistics and transportation sector.