Mr. Franc Comino

CEO de Sonnen Ibérica

Franc Comino has revolutionised the photovoltaic self-consumption sector in Spain with his commitment to smart storage by installing batteries in solar panels. In 2017, together with Bassols Energia, he founded WEBATT ENERGIA, the Spanish leader in smart storage for self-consumption. Over the last 5 years, Franc has led the company towards its consolidation and positioning as one of the sustainable energy companies with the greatest potential in Spain. The company has recently been acquired by sonnen, a world leader in energy storage solutions. Franc Comino has been consolidated with this operation as CEO of Sonnen Ibérica, a unique opportunity to definitively promote self-consumption as the only energy proposal towards a sustainable future. One more step towards his dream that began 20 years ago with the design of his own house with a revolutionary home automation system that, even then, provided him with energy savings of 30%.

With more than 15 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector, Franc Comino is an expert in home and building automation and an energy efficiency consultant. In 2015 he founded the Robolot Team association, which promotes the creation of projects related to robotics didactics, 3D printing and renewable energies.
Such is his passion for home automation that, 16 years ago, Franc designed his house in Olot with a revolutionary home automation system that provided him with energy savings of 30%. In 2005 he founded Igetech Innova S.L, with which he became one of the most recognised companies in Spain in the world of building automation, and in 2012 he founded Wattia Innova S.L, with which he launched the EspaiZero project. L’EspaiZero in Olot has been qualified by a Unesco chair and by GreenPeace as the first 100% energy self-sufficient work centre in Spain.

Franc Comino, nicknamed the “domotico” according to Diari Ara, has linked his fast-paced entrepreneurial career to his great passion, energy efficiency.

Franc Comino