Ms. Alicia Carrasco

Founder and CEO of olivoENERGY

Spanish leader of reference in the clean energy sector with more than two decades of experience successfully advocating for the advancement of the energy transition. With a degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Malaga and a Masters in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development from the University College of London, she has been Director of Energy Policy at Tesla for the European Union, Director of EMEA Digital Grid Regulation at SIEMENS, Director of Regulatory Affairs at eMeter and Energy Analyst at Standard & Poor’s. In 2010 she co-founded SmartEN (Smart Energy Demand Coalition), a reference association for the development of flexibility and market directives in the EU.

Alicia founded the European Energy Strategy Consultancy olivoENERGY, of which she is currently CEO and which focuses on identifying business opportunities and developing proactive energy plans based on regulatory analysis and energy innovation. Co-founder and Executive Director of Entra Aggregation and Flexibility, the Spanish Association of Agents and Companies of Electricity and Energy Services to promote Demand Flexibility, she is also host and founder of the Spanish Clean Energy Forum FEL2050 which annually brings together the most relevant leaders of the Spanish and European energy sector.

Alicia Carrasco