Amr Essam

Equipo de Presidencia de la COP27. Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Egipto

 Amr Essam is an Egyptian career diplomat with 15 years of experience at in foreign service and international affairs and diplomacy. Amr has an extensive experience and expertise in  multilateral  diplomacy  particularly  in  relation  to  human  rights,  civil  society  and  civic  engagement, migration and human mobility, labor standards and peace and security. On all  these dossiers, Amr played a key role in negotiating delicate texts and mobilizing consensus  around  important  initiatives  through  dynamic  dialogue and  solid partnerships  with  the  relevant stakeholders. 

During his tenure at different stations at home and abroad, Amr led, coordinated or  was  part  of  teams  working  on  major  and  challenging undertakings  including  supporting  Egypt’s  membership  at  the  HRC’s  consultative  group,  coordinating  the  work  of  major  negotiating groups including the G-77, pioneering the first out-of-country voting project for  Egyptians abroad and being the Coordinator General and Spokesperson of the 1st Edition of  the World Youth Forum in 2017. He was also the overall coordinator of Egypt’s AU Presidency  program in 2019 in Addis Ababa, and the political coordinator of Egypt’s membership at the  AU Peace and Security Council. 

He served at Egypt’s permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva and the Embassy to Ethiopia  and Permanent Mission to the African Union and UN Economic Commission for Africa, and  also represented his country in several international engagements at the UN in NY and a host  of other multilateral fora and platforms. He also served twice as a member at the cabinet of  the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt advising on human rights and multilateral issues, and  currently he is among the senior policy advisers to the Vice Foreign Minister of Egypt due to  solid and deep knowledge of the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region.  

In January 2022, Amr joined the core team of the COP27 President-designate as a senior  adviser on engagement with  observers and  non-party  stakeholders as well as  on  loss and  damage and general policy issues. 

Amr is an M.A holder in international relations. Fluent in English and speaks Spanish